Types of Bike Front rack

Thursday, December 31st, 2015 - Bike Rack

Bike Front rack – Before buying and installing a bike racks, it is important to understand what rack style that is available in the market. It will help you decide what rack types that fit to your needs. The guide bellow describes the main design of front bike racks, and will give you all important information you need to make decision on the rack of the bike.

Bike front rack located above the front wheel, and is usually mounted at the crossroads. The type of this rack is less than the rear shelf, but it may offer some unique opportunities for both cyclists of practical and adventure. The bike front rack comes into two major groups, both of which are decided by their way of typical installation. There is bike front rack which has one anchor point. It usually work on the front brake. There is also bike front rack that has two anchor points. Most of it often threaded into the mountains. It is located in both the bottom of fork and midway of fork’s length. That’s all about Bike Front rack. Always consider some important thing such as the material, the function, and many others before buying the bike rack.


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