To Pick the Best Bike Rack for Garage

Wednesday, December 16th, 2015 - Bike Rack

Best Bike Rack for Garage – Are you looking for bicycle storage solutions but feel confuse to choose the best one? It is true that there are many different types of bike storage. It can be confusing when try to choose which will work best. Here is the recommended bike rack for garage then chooses the best one to meet your needs.

The first is Freestanding Bike Racks. It is also called Gravity Bike Racks. It is one of the most popular of all bike storage solutions. It is very elegant and functional, and can be used in garages and small apartments or rooms. They stand on the ground, against the wall. Some versions have a way to secure it on the wall to add support but most of it is designed to stand completely in their own well because they have to hold 1-4 bikes.

The second choice is wall mount rack. This solution is more secure and permanent than wall hooks. It get the bike off the floor and allows you to use the space of wall of for storage. It will generally hold up to two bikes. Some versions have variations which will hold bicycle helmet when not in use. That’s all about Best Bike Rack for Garage.


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