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Tuesday, December 15th, 2015 - Bike Rack

Porsche Boxster Bike Rack – Boxster is unique cars in that it own two trunks, one in front and one behind. The number of two trunks is unfortunately smaller than the large trunk which you can find in many standard cars today. Fortunately, those clever designers at Porsche boxter are available with a unique and exciting thing to install a system of roof rack on the Porche Boxster. It is the only convertible to own a roof rack which you get to carry the bikes or an additional set of tires at the track today.

Installation is very easy, despite the typical German fashion; the guidance for the kit lead it seems harder than it actually is. The roof is not able to be reached or lowered with the kit that is installed, so that decide in advance whether you want to do journey with the roof down or up. This kit is available in two side bars; there are two top bars and black box full of bond and tool attachment. The first stage is to install the mounting brackets front of the car. Wipe the two screws that exist and plastic cover, and then install the mounting bracket on the front of both right and left sides of the car. Remember not to scrape your paint. Then, wipe the B pillar and apply the two of brackets. That’s all about Porsche Boxster Bike Rack.

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