Durable Galvanized Bike Racks

Thursday, March 3rd, 2016 - Bike Rack

Galvanized Bike Racks is easy to use. Its durable and has a classic style which seem good in any environment. The finish of Galvanized provides corrosion protection, and provides the bike racks mute the appearance of gray. It can be easily installed on a flat surface.

HDG galavanaze, or hot dip galvanized steel is the common finish used in the world of parking for the bike. The hod dip refers to the finish is applied on steel structures such as it is soaked in a bath of molten zinc. The steel passes the surface preparation in three steps: cleaning caustic in a hot alkaline solution, pickling in hydrochloric acid or sulfuric acid to remove the surface rust, and smelting zinc ammonium chloride solution to remove oxides and prevents oxidation before dipped in molten zinc.

Besides hot dip galvanizing come as effective corrosion resistant surface, it also has appearance of the lumen of multi-variety. Polyester powder coating process, which is available in any textured or gloss finish, begin with the state of the art application of the zinc-rich primer electro coat and mixed with a layer of a durable polyester powder top coat to ensure any gaps and joints are closed completely, and to offer full shelter against corrosion. That’s all about Galvanized Bike Racks

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