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Sunday, January 3rd, 2016 - Bike Rack

Bike Racks Wall Mounted – Anyone who have bicycle at some point have to think bicycle storage. Sometimes we cannot ride our bikes every minute of the day, so where we can put them when we are not using them? With dirty wheels, the steering wheel, the bike does not exactly call themselves especially in the workplace or in small apartments. But because they are attractive to thieves and prone to weather damage, most people do not want to leave their bikes outside either. Fortunately, the bicycle industry understands the dilemma.

There are many solutions for the storage of bicycles for all types of cases such as Bike Racks Wall Mounted It keeps your bike and get out of your way by hanging it from the rack or holder that is permanently installed on your wall. It usually can hold only one or two bicycles, and the price from $ 20 to $ 200, with most sit in the lower end of the price spectrum. Some wall mounted bike racks, like some options from Cyclic, feedback sport and Delta cycle, hang your bike on top of the frame so it can sit horizontally along the wall. It is great for small spaces, and also makes a nice aesthetic by turning your bike in the wall jewelry.

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